Floundering No More: The Voice of Flounder in The Little Mermaid 2023

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The live-action remake of Disney’s beloved classic, “The Little Mermaid,” brought Ariel’s underwater world to life on the big screen in 2023. While the film featured real actors for Ariel, Ursula, and King Triton, some characters, like Flounder, Ariel’s loyal fish friend, remained animated. But who brought this iconic character to life with their voice acting skills?

The Importance of Flounder

Flounder is more than just Ariel’s sidekick. He’s her confidante, her voice of reason, and her constant companion in her adventures beyond the sea. Finding the right voice to capture Flounder’s nervous energy, loyalty, and endearing personality was crucial for the success of the film.

Enter Jacob Tremblay

The voice of Flounder in the 2023 live-action “The Little Mermaid” belongs to the talented young actor Jacob Tremblay. Tremblay rose to fame with his starring role in the 2015 film “Room” at the tender age of nine, becoming the youngest nominee for the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role.

Tremblay’s Perfect Fit

Tremblay’s youthful voice and acting experience made him a perfect choice for Flounder. He captures the character’s nervous energy perfectly, delivering Flounder’s lines with a sense of innocence and loyalty that resonates with audiences.

Critical Reception

Tremblay’s performance as Flounder received positive reviews from critics. Many praised his ability to bring the animated character to life with his voice acting, highlighting his natural comedic timing and ability to convey Flounder’s emotions effectively.

Defending the Design

The live-action redesign of Flounder sparked some debate online, with some fans feeling the character looked less cartoony and more realistic than the original. However, Tremblay himself defended the design, stating it “works out perfectly” for the film invalid URL removed.


Jacob Tremblay’s portrayal of Flounder in the 2023 live-action “The Little Mermaid” is a winning performance. His youthful voice and comedic timing capture the essence of Ariel’s loyal best friend, adding a layer of charm and emotional depth to the character. Whether Tremblay’s Flounder visually matches your expectations or not, his voice acting undeniably brings the beloved character to life for a new generation.


  • Who voiced Flounder in the original animated “The Little Mermaid”?

In the 1989 animated film, Flounder was voiced by the talented actress Jodi Benson.

  • Why was Tremblay chosen for the role?

Tremblay’s young age, acting experience, and ability to deliver nervous energy and innocence made him a perfect fit for Flounder’s personality.

  • What was the controversy surrounding Flounder’s design?

Some fans felt the live-action Flounder looked less cartoony and more realistic than the original animated version.

  • Did Tremblay like the new design?

Yes! Tremblay himself defended the design, stating it worked perfectly for the film.


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