Yellowjackets Take Flight: Season 2, Episode 1 Friends, Romans, Countrymen

yellowjackets season 2 episode 1

Yellowjackets stormed onto the scene in 2021, captivating audiences with its dark mystery and exploration of survival and trauma. After a long wait, Season 2 has finally landed, and the premiere episode, titled “Friends, Romans, Countrymen,” sets the stage for an even wilder ride. Let’s delve into the key takeaways from this explosive episode.

Flashback: The Descent into Darkness Continues

The episode opens in the snowy wilderness, two months into the winter for the stranded high school soccer team. Food is scarce, morale is plummeting, and a sense of unease hangs heavy in the air. We see the aftermath of their latest attempt to ostracize a teammate, hinting at the growing fractures within the group.

Lottie’s Rise: Cult Leader or Misunderstood Mystic?

A significant portion of the episode focuses on Lottie, the enigmatic and increasingly unstable team member. We see glimpses of her growing influence as she embraces a more spiritual approach to survival, blurring the lines between faith and manipulation.

The Present Day: Secrets and Suspicion Linger

The episode cuts back and forth between the past and present, revealing how deeply the events in the wilderness continue to impact the surviving Yellowjackets. Shauna, Taissa, and Misty all grapple with their demons, harboring secrets and facing new challenges that seem eerily connected to their past trauma.

New Faces, New Mysteries

The episode introduces new characters who may play significant roles in the unfolding story. We meet a mysterious woman seemingly connected to Lottie, hinting at a potential outside influence.

Natalie’s Abduction: A Cliffhanger That Leaves Us Wanting More

The episode ends with a shocking cliffhanger, as Natalie is abducted by unknown figures. This raises a critical question: who is behind her capture, and is it connected to the events in the wilderness or something entirely new?


“Friends, Romans, Countrymen” is a masterfully crafted premiere that builds upon the intrigue established in Season 1. It throws us back into the heart of the mystery, deepening the characters’ complexities and leaving us with burning questions. With its chilling atmosphere, suspenseful plot development, and strong performances, this episode sets the stage for an unmissable season of Yellowjackets. So buckle up, because the journey into the darkness has just begun.


  • What happened to Jackie in the wilderness?

While the episode doesn’t explicitly show what happened to Jackie, it’s heavily implied that she died from exposure some time before the events of this episode.

  • What is Lottie’s cult all about?

The specifics of Lottie’s emerging belief system are still unclear. She seems to be embracing a more mystical approach to survival, drawing rituals and symbols that some interpret as cult-like behavior.

  • Who are the new characters introduced in the episode?

The episode introduces a mysterious woman who seems to recognize and possibly know something about Lottie. Her role and motivations remain a mystery.

  • What is the significance of Natalie’s abduction?

The reason behind Natalie’s abduction is a major cliffhanger. It’s unclear who took her or if it’s connected to the events in the wilderness or something entirely new. This will likely be a major plot point moving forward.

  • When is the next episode of Yellowjackets?

New episodes of Yellowjackets typically air weekly, so check your local listings or streaming platform for the next airdate.


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