Yellowjackets Season 2 Episode 3: Digesting the Aftermath in Digestif

yellowjackets season 2 episode 3

We left the Yellowjackets reeling after the horrific events of episode 2. “Digestif,” aptly named, takes a breather from the immediate aftermath, but the hangover – both literal and metaphorical – is thick in the air. Let’s delve into the key moments that simmer beneath the surface of this unsettling episode.

The Price of Survival

The episode opens with the girls in various stages of processing the cannibalism. Shauna wrestles with guilt and isolation, foreshadowing her dark turn in the present day. We see a stark contrast with Lottie, who appears strangely calm and collected, even prophetic. This raises questions about her true nature and leadership within the group.

Misty’s Mysterious Mission

Misty, ever the opportunist, takes advantage of the chaos. Partnering with the wide-eyed Walter, she embarks on a bizarre road trip to locate Natalie’s kidnappers. Their journey leads them straight to Lottie’s seemingly idyllic compound, hinting at a potential alliance or a future clash.

Shauna’s Descent

Back in the present, Shauna spirals further. The trauma of the past manifests in her increasingly violent behavior. The carjacking scene is particularly chilling, showcasing a side of Shauna unseen before. Is this a glimpse of the “savage” mentioned in the earlier flash-forward?

The Weight of Loss

Ben struggles with the loss of his secret life and boyfriend. His grief and resentment simmer throughout the episode, hinting at a potential breaking point. Could Ben become a target for the group’s internal conflicts?

Tai’s Enigmatic Behavior

Tai’s storyline takes a backseat in this episode. We see glimpses of her erratic behavior, but little is revealed about her motivations or mental state. Is she truly devoted to the cult-like rituals, or is there a deeper plan at play?

The Baby Shower Simmering with Secrets

The episode ends with a seemingly normal baby shower for Shauna. However, the tension between her and Jackie is palpable. The past bleeds into the present as cryptic comments and veiled threats foreshadow a potential showdown.


“Digestif” may not offer the same level of shock as the previous episode, but it simmers with unease. We see the cracks forming within the group and the lasting impact of the wilderness ordeal. The episode expertly builds suspense, leaving us with burning questions about the future of the Yellowjackets and the dark secrets they hold.


  • Q: What was the significance of the baby shower scene?

A: The baby shower seems like a normal event on the surface, but the tension between Shauna and Jackie hints at deeper conflicts. It suggests that the past continues to haunt them in the present, and a potential showdown could be brewing.

  • Q: What’s going on with Lottie’s cult-like group?

A: Misty and Walter’s arrival at Lottie’s compound raises questions about the nature of the group. Is it a genuine attempt to find solace or something more sinister? We’ll have to wait and see how this storyline unfolds.

  • Q: Will Ben’s resentment cause problems for the group?

A: Ben’s grief and anger are a ticking time bomb. It’s possible he could become a target for the group’s internal struggles, or even lash out himself.

  • Q: Where can I watch Yellowjackets Season 2?

A: Yellowjackets Season 2 airs on Showtime. You can watch it on the Showtime channel or through their streaming service.


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