Yellowjackets Season 2 Episode 10: The Mystery of the Missing Finale

yellowjackets season 2 episode 10

Showtime’s psychological thriller, Yellowjackets, left fans on the edge of their seats after the dramatic season 2 finale, “Storytelling.” But wait, there wasn’t a tenth episode? Buckle up, because the answer is a little more complex than a simple yes or no.

A Shocking Finale Sets the Stage

The season 2 closer delivered a brutal twist. The remaining survivors in the wilderness grapple with the aftermath of Javi’s death, while the present-day Yellowjackets confront their fractured relationships. A shocking fight for survival erupts, with Shauna’s daughter interrupting the chaos and accidentally shooting Lottie.

The Bonus Episode Mystery Emerges

Eagle-eyed viewers noticed something unusual – only nine episodes appeared in season 2. Speculation swirled about a hidden tenth episode. Showtime co-creator Ashley Lyle took to social media to confirm our suspicions, assuring fans a “bonus episode” was coming, but it wouldn’t be released immediately “[There will be a bonus episode] but I love you guys and I don’t want y’all to lose sleep thinking it’s tonight,” Lyle tweeted.

Why the Delay?

The wait for the bonus episode stems from the realities of television production. Lyle hinted at complications related to the writer’s strike, stating, “there’s a strike and things are complicated!” This suggests the episode was likely in the early stages of development when the news broke.

What to Expect from the Bonus Episode

Details about the bonus episode are scarce. Will it focus on the present day or take us back to the wilderness? Could it bridge the gap between seasons or offer a standalone story? For now, these questions remain unanswered, but the episode’s existence promises to satiate our Yellowjackets cravings until season 3.

Theories About the Missing Episode’s Content

Fan theories abound about the bonus episode’s content. Some speculate it will delve deeper into Lottie’s mental state and the rise of her cult. Others believe it could explore the identity of the mysterious woman who aided Natalie in the finale.


The missing episode of Yellowjackets season 2 is a unique twist. While we wait for its release, the mystery adds another layer of intrigue to this captivating show. One thing is certain – when it arrives, the Yellowjackets bonus episode is sure to deliver the shocking revelations and dark turns we’ve come to expect from this series.


  • Q: Will there ever be a season 2 episode 10?

A: Yes! The creators confirmed a bonus episode will be released sometime between seasons 2 and 3.

  • Q: Why wasn’t the bonus episode released with the rest of season 2?

A: The exact reason remains unclear, but the show’s creators hinted at complications related to the writer’s strike.

  • Q: What will the bonus episode be about?

A: There are no official spoilers, but fan theories suggest it could focus on Lottie’s cult, explore the identity of the woman who helped Natalie, or bridge the gap between seasons.


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