Flounder Makes a Splash: The 2023 Little Mermaid Redesign

the little mermaid 2023 flounder

The beloved 1989 animated classic, The Little Mermaid, received a live-action remake treatment in 2023, captivating audiences with stunning visuals and a talented cast. But one character’s design update sparked both excitement and debate: Flounder, Ariel’s loyal flatfish companion. Let’s dive deep and explore the reimagined Flounder!

From Cartoon to CGI

Flounder, originally voiced by Jason Marin, was a chubby, yellow and blue cartoon flatfish in the animated film. The 2023 version, brought to life through CGI and voiced by the young actor Jacob Tremblay, took a more realistic approach. Flounder’s body became slimmer and his features more detailed, with a bioluminescent glow that added an otherworldly touch.

A Balancing Act

This shift towards realism divided some fans. While some appreciated the attempt at a more believable underwater world, others felt the new Flounder lacked the cuteness and charm of the original cartoon. The filmmakers aimed to strike a balance between realism and retaining the essence of the beloved character.

Tremblay’s Take

Jacob Tremblay, the voice behind the 2023 Flounder, offered his perspective. In an interview, he expressed his support for the design, believing it “works out perfectly” for the film’s tone. Tremblay highlighted the importance of Flounder’s loyalty and friendship with Ariel, qualities that transcended the visual redesign.

The Importance of Friendship

Flounder’s role in the story remains core to The Little Mermaid’s narrative. He represents the voice of caution and unwavering support for Ariel. Whether cartoon or CGI, Flounder’s presence emphasizes the importance of friendship, loyalty, and having someone by your side during life’s adventures.

A Modern Update for a New Generation

The 2023 Flounder redesign reflects Disney’s ongoing efforts to create visually stunning live-action experiences. While some may miss the original cartoon’s charm, the update offers a fresh take for a new generation.


Flounder’s transformation in The Little Mermaid 2023 serves as a reminder that change can be both challenging and exciting. The core message of friendship and loyalty remains, reminding us that true companions come in all shapes, sizes, and even animation styles.


  • Q: Did fans like the new Flounder design?

A: Opinions were divided. Some fans appreciated the realism, while others missed the cuteness of the original cartoon.

  • Q: Who voiced Flounder in the 2023 remake?

A: Jacob Tremblay voiced Flounder.

  • Q: How was the new Flounder different from the original?

A: The new Flounder was slimmer, more realistic looking, and had a bioluminescent glow.


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