Tinkle Those Ivories Finding the Sheet Music for The Entertainer

the entertainer sheet music

Few melodies are as instantly recognizable as “The Entertainer.” This ragtime classic, composed by Scott Joplin, has become a timeless symbol of joy and exuberance. Whether you’re a seasoned pianist or a curious beginner, getting your hands on the sheet music for “The Entertainer” can be a rewarding experience.

A Ragtime Masterpiece: The Legacy of The Entertainer

Composed in 1902, “The Entertainer” quickly rose to fame within the ragtime genre. Its catchy syncopations and lively tempo encapsulated the spirit of the era. The piece’s enduring popularity is a testament to Scott Joplin’s genius and the enduring power of ragtime music.

The Musical Structure: The Entertainer

“The Entertainer” is written in a moderate ragtime style. It features a catchy melody with syncopated rhythms, where accents fall on unexpected beats. The piece is typically in AABA form, with a repeated A section, a contrasting B section, and a final return to the A section.

Finding the Perfect Fit

The good news? Sheet music for “The Entertainer” is readily available to suit all skill levels. Here are some popular options:

Free Public Domain Scores: Since “The Entertainer” is no longer under copyright, numerous websites offer free public domain sheet music. These are perfect for beginners or those on a budget.

Simplified Arrangements: Simplified versions of the sheet music are available, with easier rhythms and smaller note ranges. These cater to students who are still developing their playing skills.

Original Scores and Advanced Arrangements: For experienced pianists, the original score or more advanced arrangements offer the full complexity of Joplin’s composition. These require a strong understanding of ragtime techniques.

Online Resources

The internet provides a wealth of resources for learning “The Entertainer.” Websites offer downloadable sheet music, tutorials, and even interactive piano lessons specifically focused on the piece.

Learning Tips: Mastering the Ragtime Style

Conquering “The Entertainer” requires practice and an understanding of ragtime’s unique rhythmic feel. Here are some helpful tips:

Focus on the Syncopation: Pay close attention to the placement of accents, where notes land on “off” beats. Practice with a metronome to develop a steady groove.

Listen to Recordings: Immerse yourself in the music. Listening to recordings of “The Entertainer” by Scott Joplin or other ragtime pianists can help you internalize the rhythm and phrasing.

Start Slow and Gradually Increase Tempo: Don’t rush! Begin by practicing slowly and focus on accuracy before gradually increasing the tempo.


“The Entertainer” is a timeless piece waiting to be explored. With a little dedication and the right sheet music, you can bring this ragtime classic to life on your own piano. So, unleash your inner entertainer and get ready to tinkle those ivories!


  • Q: Where can I find free sheet music for ‘The Entertainer’?

A: Websites like https://www.mutopiaproject.org/ offer free public domain sheet music for “The Entertainer.”

  • Q: What is the difficulty level of ‘The Entertainer’?

A: The difficulty varies depending on the arrangement. Simplified versions are suitable for beginners, while the original score requires more advanced skills.

  • Q: Are there any online resources to help me learn ‘The Entertainer’?

A: Yes! Many websites offer tutorials, lessons, and tips specifically for learning “The Entertainer” on the piano.


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