The Rock of Cedric the Entertainer: Meet Lorna Wells

cedric the entertainer wife

Cedric the Entertainer is a household name, synonymous with hilarious stand-up routines, iconic movie characters, and infectious comedic charm. But behind every great entertainer, there’s often a pillar of support – and for Cedric, that pillar is his wife, Lorna Wells.

A Love Story Away from the Spotlight

Unlike Cedric, Lorna prefers a life outside the limelight. They met in the early 90s and have been happily married for almost 25 years, a testament to their strong bond.

A Partner, Not a Prop

While Lorna shuns the spotlight, she’s a constant source of strength for Cedric. She attends award ceremonies and red carpet events occasionally, but her main role is as a supportive wife, not a celebrity accessory.

Raising the Next Generation

Together, Cedric and Lorna have built a beautiful family. They have two children, Croix (born 2000) and Lucky Rose (born 2003). Cedric also has a daughter, Tiara (born 1990), from a previous relationship.

A Foundation of Family

Family is central to Cedric’s life, and Lorna plays a crucial role in maintaining that foundation. They are often seen together at their children’s events, showcasing a strong family unit.

Keeping it Real

Despite Cedric’s celebrity status, Lorna keeps him grounded. Their enduring marriage speaks volumes about the importance of a strong partnership behind the scenes.


Lorna Wells may not crave the spotlight, but her unwavering support is a key ingredient in Cedric the Entertainer’s success. Their long-lasting marriage is an inspiration, proving that true love and a strong partnership can thrive even in the world of glitz and glamour.


  • How long have Cedric the Entertainer and Lorna Wells been married?

Cedric and Lorna have been married for almost 25 years.

  • Does Lorna Wells work in the entertainment industry?

No, Lorna prefers to stay out of the spotlight and does not work in entertainment.

  • How many children do Cedric and Lorna have?

Cedric and Lorna have two children together, Croix and Lucky Rose.


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