Buckle Up for Thrills at the Berlin Raceway and Entertainment Complex

berlin raceway and entertainment complex

Welcome to the world of high-octane racing and adrenaline-pumping fun at the Berlin Raceway and Entertainment Complex! Located just a short drive from Grand Rapids, Michigan, this iconic venue offers an unforgettable experience for racing enthusiasts and families alike.

Steeped in History

The Berlin Raceway boasts a rich history, dating back to 1950. Originally a horse track, it transitioned into a haven for motorsports after World War II. It has witnessed legendary drivers like Tony Stewart and Kyle Busch grace its track, solidifying its place in racing lore.

Speeding into Action

The main attraction at the complex is undoubtedly the 7/16-mile paved oval track. Witness the roar of engines and the blur of colors as race cars battle it out for checkered flag glory. The Raceway hosts weekly NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series events, ensuring a constant dose of racing action.

The Racetrack

While the racetrack takes center stage, the Berlin Raceway and Entertainment Complex offers more than just asphalt thrills. The complex features various entertainment options, making it a perfect family destination.

Entertainment for All Ages

Take a break from the racing excitement and explore the on-site entertainment options. Enjoy delicious food and drinks from concession stands, or plan a picnic in the designated areas. There might even be live music performances or special events happening!

Unleash Your Inner Racer

Have you ever dreamt of getting behind the wheel of a race car? The Berlin Raceway offers exciting ride-along experiences that let you feel the G-forces firsthand. It’s the ultimate adrenaline rush for racing aficionados!

Group Events and Celebrations

The Berlin Raceway and Entertainment Complex caters to groups and special occasions. Host a unique birthday party, team-building event, or corporate outing at the track. Imagine the thrill of watching a race with your colleagues or celebrating a victory with friends!


The Berlin Raceway and Entertainment Complex is a one-stop shop for an unforgettable day of thrills and family fun. Whether you’re a die-hard racing fan or simply seeking an exciting adventure, this venue has something for everyone. So, buckle up, start your engines, and get ready for an exhilarating experience at the Berlin Raceway and Entertainment Complex!


  • What types of races are held at the Berlin Raceway?

The track primarily hosts NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series events. However, it has also seen touring series like ARCA and USAC.

  • Does the complex offer food and drinks?

Yes, concession stands provide a variety of food and beverage options. You can also bring your own picnic basket and enjoy it in designated areas.

  • Are there age restrictions for the ride-along experiences?

Yes, age and height restrictions might apply. It’s best to check with the Raceway directly for specific details.


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