143 Entertainment: A Rising Star in K-Pop and R&B

143 entertainment

143 Entertainment has quickly become a name to remember in the world of entertainment. With a presence in both South Korea and the United States, they’re making waves in K-Pop and R&B. This blog post will delve into everything you need to know about 143 Entertainment, from its origins and artists to its future endeavors.

From D-Business to 143 Entertainment:

A Company on the Rise – Explore the company’s history, its founder, and the speculation surrounding its connection to D-Business Entertainment.

K-Pop Powerhouse:

The Artists of 143 Entertainment – Meet the talented roster of K-Pop artists currently signed to 143, including established groups like iKON and rising stars like LIMELIGHT.

Reviving the Classics:

143 Entertainment in the US – Discover the American side of 143 Entertainment, focusing on their mission to bring back the soulful sounds of 80s and 90s R&B and Hip-Hop.


My Favorite’s Debut – Building the Next K-Pop Stars – Dive into 143’s unique concept for launching a new girl group through a global fan-driven audition program.

Award Recognition and Chart-Topping Hits – Highlight the achievements of 143 Entertainment’s artists, showcasing their awards and chart success.

Staying Connected:

Where to Find 143 Entertainment – Provide fans with links to the company’s official website and social media channels.

A Look Ahead:

The Future of 143 Entertainment – Discuss potential future endeavors for the company, including new artist signings and upcoming projects.

More Than Just Music:

143 Entertainment’s Impact – Briefly explore the broader impact of 143 Entertainment, touching on their contribution to the global music scene and cultural exchange.


143 Entertainment is a company to watch. With a combination of established K-Pop stars, a dedication to fostering new talent, and a revival of classic R&B sounds, they’re sure to continue making a significant impact in the music industry. Stay tuned to see what exciting things they bring to the world of entertainment in the future!


  • What is the meaning behind the name “143”?

In the US, it’s a reference to a pager code for “I Love You.” The Korean meaning is still unknown.

  • How can I audition for 143 Entertainment?

Keep an eye on their official website and social media for updates on upcoming auditions, especially for the girl group project “ID143: My Favorite’s Debut.”


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