The Spotlight: The Entertainer Background in D&D 5e

entertainer background 5e

The entertainer background in Dungeons & Dragons 5e allows players to explore a character who captivates audiences with their artistry and charisma. Whether you’re a bard, a dancer, a musician, or any performer, this background adds depth and flavor to your role-playing experience.

1. What is the Entertainer Background?

The entertainer background in 5e is designed for characters who thrive in performing arts. It is perfect for those who enjoy influencing their surroundings with their artistic expression, whether it’s through music, dance, or dramatics.

2. Skills and Proficiencies

Characters with the entertainer background in 5e gain proficiency in Acrobatics and Performance, reflecting their training in physical and performance arts. They also receive a musical instrument of their choice, emphasizing their specialized talents.

3. Feature: By Popular Demand

The core feature of the entertainer background is “By Popular Demand,” which reflects the character’s ability to find a place to perform, usually in an inn or tavern, where they can receive free lodging and food in exchange for their performance.

4. Role-playing an Entertainer

Role-playing an entertainer involves more than just performing. It includes building a persona that’s larger than life and capable of captivating an audience. It’s about conveying emotions and stories through your character’s art.

5. Equipment and Tools

Besides musical instruments, entertainers might also carry costumes, props, and other performance-related items. These tools are essential for their shows and can play a crucial role during their adventures.

6. Variations of Entertainers

Not all entertainers are stage performers. Some might be circus performers, skilled jesters, or even street magicians. Each variation can influence the way you customize your character’s background and skills.

7. Combining Class with Background

The entertainer background pairs well with several classes, but bards stand out as the quintessential choice. However, characters of any class can be entertainers, bringing a unique twist to traditional roles.

8. Famous Entertainers in the Lore

Dungeons & Dragons lore is rich with famous entertainers who have enchanted audiences, both big and small. These characters can serve as inspiration for your own creations.

9. Challenges Faced by Entertainers

Entertainers in the world of D&D face unique challenges, including rival performers, demanding audiences, and the constant need to innovate to keep their acts fresh and exciting.

10. The Entertainer’s Impact on a Campaign

An entertainer can significantly impact a campaign by providing not only comic relief and entertainment but also by forging connections with NPCs and gathering information, making them invaluable to any adventuring party.


The entertainer background in Dungeons & Dragons 5e is a dynamic and engaging choice for players who wish to explore a character with flair and a knack for performance. Whether your adventurer is a sultry singer or a daring acrobat, the entertainer background provides the tools and skills necessary to make your character shine in the limelight. Embrace the role of an entertainer and let your character’s performances become legendary in your D&D campaigns!


Q1: Can any class choose the entertainer background?

Yes, while bards are a natural fit, any class can choose the entertainer background, adding a unique layer to their character’s persona.

Q2: What are some tips for role-playing an entertainer?

Focus on your character’s charisma and ability to engage with others. Think about how your entertainer reacts to an audience and what kind of performances they deliver.

Q3: How does the “By Popular Demand” feature work in practical terms?

This feature allows your entertainer to secure free lodging and food as long as they perform each night. It can be a great way to save resources while traveling.

Q4: Are there any specific adventures where the entertainer background is particularly useful?

Entertainers can thrive in any setting, but they are especially effective in urban environments or any scenario where interaction with NPCs is crucial.

Q5: Can the entertainer background influence the game’s narrative?

Absolutely. Entertainers can change the dynamics of a campaign by creating narrative depth through their performances and interactions, potentially opening up new plot lines.


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