Rediscovering the Magic: A Review of Journey Back to Oz by Family Home Entertainment

journey back to oz family home entertainment

“Journey Back to Oz,” presented by Family Home Entertainment, offers a delightful return to the cherished universe of Oz. This animated film, originally released in 1972, found new life through its VHS release, making it a staple in many family movie collections. This post explores why this film remains a favorite under the Family Home Entertainment banner.

1. The Storyline of “Journey Back to Oz”

“Journey Back to Oz” picks up where the original left off, featuring a return to the magical land of Oz as a new threat looms. The plot, enriched with engaging twists and the introduction of new characters, continues to resonate with audiences under the Family Home Entertainment release, ensuring the legacy of Oz lives on.

2. Animation and Visual Appeal

When “Journey Back to Oz” was re-released by Family Home Entertainment, its animation style captured the hearts of a new generation. The visuals, though distinctly 70s in style, have been preserved beautifully, offering a nostalgic yet timeless appeal for viewers of all ages.

3. The Voice Cast

The voice cast of “Journey Back to Oz” is notable, featuring stars like Liza Minnelli and Mickey Rooney. Their performances, preserved in the Family Home Entertainment edition, bring depth and warmth to their animated characters, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

4. Musical Elements

One of the standout features of “Journey Back to Oz” is its musical component. The songs, which have been a significant part of its appeal in the Family Home Entertainment releases, are both catchy and meaningful, adding layers to the storyline and character development.

5. Reception and Critical Acclaim

Upon its initial release and subsequent re-release by Family Home Entertainment, “Journey Back to Oz” received mixed reviews. However, it has since been appreciated for its charm and contribution to the Oz legacy, with particular praise directed at its fidelity to the original’s spirit.

6. Comparisons to the Original “Wizard of Oz”

While “Journey Back to Oz” stands on its own, comparisons to the iconic 1939 film are inevitable. Under the distribution of Family Home Entertainment, this sequel has been both critiqued and celebrated for its unique take on a beloved story.

7. Educational Value

Family Home Entertainment often promoted “Journey Back to Oz” as not just entertainment but also an educational tool. The film’s themes of bravery, friendship, and self-discovery provide valuable lessons for young viewers, making it a worthwhile watch for family movie nights.

8. Availability and Formats

“Journey Back to Oz” has seen various formats over the years, from VHS to DVD, under the Family Home Entertainment label. This availability has made it accessible to a wide audience, ensuring that the magic of Oz can be experienced across generations.

9. Legacy of “Journey Back to Oz”

The legacy of “Journey Back to Oz,” bolstered by Family Home Entertainment, extends beyond just being a sequel. It has contributed significantly to the Oz canon, influencing other works and continuing to inspire a love for the Oz universe among fans.

10. Why “Journey Back to Oz” Is Worth Watching

For fans of the original Oz or those discovering it through Family Home Entertainment, “Journey Back to Oz” offers a refreshing perspective on a familiar world. Its combination of traditional animation, classic storytelling, and memorable music makes it a compelling film for all ages.


“Journey Back to Oz,” presented by Family Home Entertainment, remains a cherished piece of cinematic history. Its enduring appeal lies in its ability to blend nostalgia with timeless themes of adventure and friendship. Whether you’re revisiting this classic or introducing it to the next generation, it promises a magical journey worth taking.


1. Is “Journey Back to Oz” appropriate for all ages?

Yes, this film is family-friendly and suitable for viewers of all ages, capturing themes that resonate with both children and adults.

2. How does the animation in “Journey Back to Oz” compare to today’s standards?

While the animation style reflects its 1970s origins, it holds a certain charm and artistic value that stands out even in today’s digital age.

3. Are there any special features available in the Family Home Entertainment release?

Yes, the Family Home Entertainment versions often include special features like behind-the-scenes looks and character galleries, enhancing the viewing experience.

**4. Where can I find a copy of “Journey Back to Oz”?

“Journey Back to Oz” is available on DVD and can sometimes be found in digital stores or through online retailers that stock classic films.

**5. What makes “Journey Back to Oz” a worthwhile addition to a family movie collection?

Its timeless message, engaging story, and enchanting music make “Journey Back to Oz” a film that can be enjoyed and treasured through multiple viewings, making it a perfect addition to any family’s movie library.


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