Julia Fox Movie List: The Rising Star’s Filmography

julia fox movie list

Julia Fox has quickly made a name for herself in the film industry with her raw and captivating performances. This blog post explores the complete Julia Fox movie list, giving fans and new viewers alike a comprehensive look at her burgeoning career.

Uncut Gems (2019)

The movie that catapulted Julia Fox into the limelight was “Uncut Gems.” This thriller, starring alongside Adam Sandler, showcased Fox’s ability to hold her own in a high-stakes drama filled with tension and chaos. Her role as Julia, a charismatic showroom saleswoman, earned her critical acclaim and recognition as a promising new talent.

PVT Chat (2020)

Next on the Julia Fox movie list is “PVT Chat.” Fox stars as Scarlet, a cam girl entangled in an obsessive relationship with a lonely man in New York. The film delves into themes of isolation, internet intimacy, and the boundaries of digital relationships, with Fox delivering a compelling performance.

Acting & Collaborations

Aside from her roles in feature films, Julia Fox has participated in a number of collaborative projects and short films that highlight her versatility as an actress. Her ability to adapt to different genres and styles makes each entry in the Julia Fox movie list a unique viewing experience.

No Sudden Move (2021)

In “No Sudden Move,” directed by Steven Soderbergh, Julia Fox plays Vanessa Capelli. This film set in 1950s Detroit sees Fox stepping into a complex world of crime and betrayal, expanding her repertoire and demonstrating her skill in ensemble casts.

The Great American Mud Wrestle (2018)

One of the earlier entries in the Julia Fox movie list is “The Great American Mud Wrestle,” a short film that features Fox in an unconventional narrative that mixes comedy with a touch of the absurd. Her performance here hints at her ability to handle diverse and challenging roles.

Julia’s Film Presence and Style

Julia Fox brings a unique presence to each film, characterized by her intense emotional depth and distinctive voice. Her performances are often noted for their authenticity and the palpable intensity she brings to her characters.

Fashion and Cinema

Known for her bold fashion choices, Julia Fox’s style transcends her off-screen persona and influences her characters. This synergy between her personal and professional life adds an intriguing layer to her roles, making the Julia Fox movie list not just about acting but also about making a statement.

Critical Reception and Awards

While still early in her career, Julia Fox has received critical praise for her performances. As she continues to take on varied roles, she is likely to attract more attention from award committees, underscoring her impact on contemporary cinema.

Future Projects

The Julia Fox movie list is set to grow with several upcoming projects that promise to showcase her evolving talent. These future films are eagerly anticipated by fans and critics alike, who are curious to see how her career will develop.


Julia Fox has made a significant impact in a short time, with a movie list that reflects her dynamic abilities and magnetic screen presence. Each film on the Julia Fox movie list offers a different slice of her versatility and promise in the film industry. As she continues to explore new and challenging roles, her journey is one not to miss.


Q1: What was Julia Fox’s debut movie?

A1: Julia Fox made her film debut in “Uncut Gems” (2019), where she played a significant role that earned her widespread recognition.

Q2: Which Julia Fox movie is the best to start with for new viewers?

A2: “Uncut Gems” is highly recommended as it showcases her breakout role and sets the tone for her abilities as an actress.

Q3: Has Julia Fox won any awards for her acting?

A3: As of now, Julia Fox has received nominations and critical acclaim but has yet to win major industry awards.

Q4: Does Julia Fox have any upcoming movies?

A4: Yes, Julia Fox has several projects in the works, details of which are typically announced on her official social media channels and through industry news outlets.

Q5: How can I find updates on Julia Fox’s new movie releases?

A5: To stay updated on the latest entries to the Julia Fox movie list, follow entertainment news websites, her official social media profiles, and subscribe to movie streaming platforms for release announcements.


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