Go Go Gadget Nostalgia: Inspector Gadget on VHS from Family Home Entertainment

inspector gadget vhs family home entertainment

For many children of the 1980s, Saturday mornings were synonymous with Inspector Gadget. This bumbling yet lovable cyborg detective, aided by his niece Penny and her dog Brain, captivated audiences with his wacky gadgets and relentless pursuit of Dr. Claw and MAD (Mean And Dirty). If you’re looking to relive those memories or introduce Inspector Gadget to a new generation, a VHS tape released by Family Home Entertainment (FHE) might be the perfect way to do it.

Finding Your Inspector Gadget FHE VHS

Family Home Entertainment released several Inspector Gadget VHS tapes throughout the 1980s. Here’s how to find the one you’re looking for:

Volume Numbers: Look for volume numbers on the tape or packaging. These will indicate which episodes are included.

Release Year: FHE releases ranged from 1983 to 1989. If you remember when you watched the show originally, that can help narrow down your search.

Online Marketplaces: Ebay and other online marketplaces are popular spots to find vintage VHS tapes. Utilize keywords like “Inspector Gadget VHS FHE” and the specific volume number if known.

What to Expect on an Inspector Gadget FHE VHS

Content: Each tape likely contains multiple episodes, though the exact number can vary depending on the volume.

Commercials: Be prepared for a healthy dose of 80s nostalgia with commercials advertising other popular children’s shows and toys of the era.

Video Quality: Since these are VHS tapes, expect the video quality to be lower than what you’d find on DVD or streaming services. However, the charm of the format can add to the experience.

Inspecting the Condition of a Used VHS

Check the Tape: Look for warping or mold on the cassette itself.

Examine the Packaging: Rips, tears, or water damage on the box or sleeve could indicate improper storage.

Test it Out (if possible): Ideally, try playing the tape before purchase to ensure it functions properly.

Restoring Your Inspector Gadget FHE VHS

If you have a damaged VHS tape, there are companies that offer professional restoration services. However, this can be expensive. There are also online tutorials for DIY VHS repair, but these should be attempted with caution.

Is There an Inspector Gadget FHE VHS Box Set?

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be an official Inspector Gadget FHE VHS box set containing the entire series. However, with a little searching, you can likely track down individual volumes to collect the episodes you’re looking for.


For fans of Inspector Gadget, a VHS tape released by Family Home Entertainment offers a unique way to revisit this classic cartoon. While the video quality might not be top-notch, the charm of the format and the included commercials can add to the nostalgic experience. So grab your magnifying glass and prepare to shout “Go Go Gadget” as you embark on another adventure with Inspector Gadget!


  • Can I watch Inspector Gadget on DVD or streaming services?

Yes, Inspector Gadget is available on DVD and on various streaming services.

  • What are the benefits of watching Inspector Gadget on VHS?

VHS offers a nostalgic viewing experience and can be a fun way to share the show with younger viewers who might not be familiar with the format.

  • Are Inspector Gadget FHE VHS tapes valuable?

The value depends on the specific volume, condition, and overall demand.


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