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entertainment tonight cast

Entertainment Tonight (ET) has been a staple in celebrity news for over 40 years. Keeping viewers up-to-date on the latest in Hollywood, ET’s talented cast is a familiar sight for many. But who are the faces bringing you the interviews, rered-carpetoverage, and behind-the-scenes access? Let’s dive into the current ET cast!


Kevin Frazier: A veteran of ET, Kevin has been co-hosting the weekday broadcasts since 2014.

Nischelle Turner: Partnering with Kevin, Nischelle brings her wit and entertainment knowledge to the weekday show.

Rachel Smith: Holding down the weekend, Rachel keeps viewers informed on all things Hollywood with her anchoring and correspondent duties.


ET boasts a team of correspondents who bring the latest news from premieres, award shows, and exclusive interviews. Some of the current correspondents include:

Brooke Anderson: A familiar face to ET viewers, Brooke contributes to the weekday show and can step in as a substitute anchor.

Deidre Behar: Known for her in-depth interviews, Deidre keeps viewers up-to-date on the hottest entertainment stories.

Ash Crossan: Bringing his energy and enthusiasm, Ash reports on a variety of entertainment news.

Cassie DiLaura and Denny Directo: The newest additions to the ET team, Cassie and Denny are rising stars keeping viewers informed.

Behind the Scenes

While the anchors and correspondents are the faces of ET, a dedicated crew works tirelessly behind the scenes. This includes producers, researchers, editors, and more, all contributing to bring the show to life.

Past Personalities

Over the years, ET has seen a roster of talented personalities grace its screens. Some notable names include:

Mary Hart: The original host of ET, Mary is an entertainment news icon.

Bob Goen: A longtime anchor, Bob’s friendly style was a favorite among viewers.

Maria Menounos: A former correspondent, Maria is now a successful TV personality.

Fun Facts about the Cast

  • Kevin Frazier is also a published author.
  • Nischelle Turner is an accomplished actress with a background in theatre.
  • Rachel Smith is a former Miss USA contestant.


The ET cast is a team of dedicated professionals who bring the world of entertainment to our living rooms. From seasoned anchors to rising correspondents, they keep us informed and entertained. So next time you tune in, take a moment to appreciate the talented team behind the show!


  • How many people are on the ET cast?

The number fluctuates, but typically there are a few main anchors, a handful of correspondents, and a larger team behind the scenes.

  • Can I become part of the ET cast?

While ET doesn’t advertise openings publicly, experience in journalism, entertainment reporting, or broadcasting could be helpful. Keep an eye out for industry opportunities!


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