Alice Eve’s Movie List: A Comprehensive Overview

alice eve movie list

Alice Eve is a talented British actress known for her versatility and compelling performances across a range of genres. Her movie list showcases a mix of drama, comedy, action, and science fiction, highlighting her dynamic acting skills. In this blog post, we will delve into Alice Eve’s movie list, exploring her most notable roles and providing an overview of her career highlights.

Early Career and Breakthrough Roles

Alice Eve’s movie list began with a series of roles that established her as a rising star in the film industry. Her early work set the stage for a successful career, showcasing her potential and versatility.

1. “Starter for 10” (2006)

In “Starter for 10,” Alice Eve made a significant impact with her role as Alice Harbinson. This British comedy-drama, set in the 1980s, features Eve as a charming and intelligent student, and her performance contributed to the film’s success. This early role helped to cement Alice Eve’s place in the movie industry and marked the beginning of her diverse movie list.

2. “She’s Out of My League” (2010)

In “She’s Out of My League,” Alice Eve plays the role of Molly, a beautiful and successful woman who falls for an ordinary man. Her performance in this romantic comedy showcased her ability to balance charm and depth, adding to her growing movie list and establishing her as a leading lady in the genre.

Notable Performances in Blockbusters

As Alice Eve’s career progressed, her movie list expanded to include roles in major blockbuster films. These performances demonstrated her range and solidified her status as a prominent actress in Hollywood.

3. “Star Trek Into Darkness” (2013)

In “Star Trek Into Darkness,” Alice Eve stars as Carol Marcus, a scientist with a pivotal role in the film’s plot. Her performance in this sci-fi blockbuster highlighted her capability to handle high-stakes roles and contributed to the film’s success. This role added a significant entry to Alice Eve’s movie list and showcased her talent in the science fiction genre.

4. “Men in Black 3” (2012)

Alice Eve’s role as O in “Men in Black 3” further diversified her movie list. In this third installment of the popular franchise, she plays a character with a crucial part in the film’s storyline. Her involvement in this action-packed film demonstrated her versatility and ability to engage audiences in different genres.

Diverse Roles and Critical Acclaim

Alice Eve’s movie list also includes roles that have garnered critical acclaim and showcased her ability to take on diverse characters. These performances have earned her recognition and praise from critics and audiences alike.

5. “The Raven” (2012)

In “The Raven,” Alice Eve stars as Emily Hamilton, a role that allowed her to explore a darker and more dramatic side. This thriller, inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s work, gave Eve the opportunity to demonstrate her range and add a unique entry to her movie list. Her performance was well-received and highlighted her capability to handle intense and complex roles.

6. “Cold Comes the Night” (2013)

In “Cold Comes the Night,” Alice Eve plays the role of Chloe, a single mother caught in a dangerous situation. Her performance in this crime thriller showcased her ability to convey vulnerability and strength, further enhancing her movie list with a critically acclaimed role.

Recent Works and Future Projects

Alice Eve’s movie list continues to grow with her recent works and upcoming projects. Her ongoing contributions to the film industry reflect her evolving career and continued success.

7. “The Stolen” (2016)

In “The Stolen,” Alice Eve stars as Charlotte Lockton, a woman searching for her missing child in a post-apocalyptic world. This film allowed her to take on a challenging role and added a compelling entry to her movie list. Her performance was praised for its depth and emotional impact.

8. “The Professor and the Madman” (2019)

In “The Professor and the Madman,” Alice Eve plays a supporting role alongside Mel Gibson and Sean Penn. This historical drama, based on the true story of the creation of the Oxford English Dictionary, features Eve in a significant role that contributes to the film’s narrative and further expands her movie list.

Alice Eve’s Contributions to Television and Streaming

In addition to her work in films, Alice Eve has also made notable contributions to television and streaming platforms. These roles complement her movie list and demonstrate her versatility as an actress.

9. “Iron Fist” (2017)

Alice Eve’s role in the Marvel series “Iron Fist” as Typhoid Mary added a new dimension to her movie list. Her performance as a complex antagonist in the popular superhero series showcased her ability to thrive in television and streaming content.

10. “The Celebrity Dating Game” (2021)

Alice Eve appeared as a guest on “The Celebrity Dating Game,” adding a unique and entertaining entry to her movie list. This appearance highlighted her charm and charisma in a different format, showcasing her range beyond traditional acting roles.


Alice Eve’s movie list reflects her diverse talent and successful career in the film industry. From her early roles to blockbuster hits and recent projects, Eve has demonstrated her versatility and ability to captivate audiences across various genres. Her contributions to both film and television continue to enrich her impressive movie list, making her a prominent and respected actress.


1. What was Alice Eve’s breakthrough role?

Alice Eve’s breakthrough role came in the film “Starter for 10” (2006), where she played Alice Harbinson. This role helped establish her as a rising star in the film industry.

2. Which blockbuster films has Alice Eve appeared in?

Alice Eve has appeared in several blockbuster films, including “Star Trek Into Darkness” (2013) and “Men in Black 3” (2012). These roles showcased her ability to handle high-profile and action-packed projects.

3. Has Alice Eve received any critical acclaim for her performances?

Yes, Alice Eve has received critical acclaim for her performances in films such as “The Raven” (2012) and “Cold Comes the Night” (2013). These roles demonstrated her range and depth as an actress.

4. What are some of Alice Eve’s recent projects?

Recent projects by Alice Eve include “The Stolen” (2016) and “The Professor and the Madman” (2019). She has also appeared in television and streaming series such as “Iron Fist” (2017).

5. How has Alice Eve contributed to television and streaming content?

Alice Eve has made notable contributions to television and streaming platforms, including her role as Typhoid Mary in “Iron Fist” (2017) and her appearance on “The Celebrity Dating Game” (2021).


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