5 Underutilized Channels For Marketing

Underutilized Channels

A marketing channel is defined as a platform/method where you can market your product. It may ring a bell towards those who enjoyed the TV series Mad Men. However, in today’s digital age, brands often focus on omnichannel marketing.

This means that brands use more than one platform to market their products. We’ve included a list of the ones that we think are underutilized! 


Reddit is quite a popular place to market, especially if you want to promote Web Design Services at Carl Ocab Digital Marketing. The average user time spent on Reddit is sixteen (16) minutes daily. A lot of personal spaces and communities are also found on Reddit. Hit or misses are what usually greets those who try marketing on Reddit. However, it is possible to find success on the website.

Email advertising

Email marketing has been traditionally part of the arm of digital marketing. However, it can yield one of the most impactful ROIs. On average, the return is for every dollar; the ROI is $40. It is also one of the most direct marketing channels out there. Sadly, the general population does not understand the potent value of an email marketing campaign. The truth is, it does have a lot of value. 

In-person marketing

The spoken word can be powerful. In this case, no, we don’t mean poetry, but it’s also about networking and our familiarity with people. Having a lot of people who know us can help with marketing. One of the most effective marketing channels we can use is to hold in-person events where people can network. According to Content Marketing Institute, it is a tool often underutilized. 

Social media

Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are the most popular social media platforms. However, many improvements can still be made regarding social media performance for businesses. The platforms have discrepancies, especially in their median values. Many small businesses need to optimize Facebook as a marketing channel. 

Paid Digital Ads

Paid ads seem like a Herculean task. And it is. Without understanding how these ads work, it’s easy to underutilize and fumble how you use them. It also depends on the platform, the audience, size, and budget – whether or not you can succeed. Hence, A/B testing is crucial to gauge the formula and anatomy of a paid ad that can work with its audience. With A/B testing, adjusting ad details to what the audience prefers and finds more appealing can save you plenty of room for guessing and reading your audience’s mind. Although they are not as used, they can also depend on the platforms you use to run paid ads. 

The problem for most companies is the need for more budget. However, some do see promise in investing in running paid ads. 

Wrapping Up

Although social media is the most often used marketing tool and channel, many still need to optimize its potential for their businesses. In-person events and marketing are also tools that are utilized less. This article will help you learn to use these tools more since they can help boost your products and business services.


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